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Trailer, Semi-trailers and construction equipment

NUFA is a company in the Gassmann Group and was founded by Alfred Gassmann in 1973. It has been managed by Jens-Wolfgang Engelage since 2005.

The company's premises measure over 34,000 m² in size, approximately one third of which is taken up by depots. The company has somewhere in the range of 300 commercial vehicles, along with all kinds of new and used trailers, semi-trailers and construction machinery, all of which is available to purchase.

The company has its own workshop operation and is also a DEKRA service centre, which enables it to supply vehicles at short notice, and also with a new vehicle roadworthiness and emissions test (AU-HU) if required. In terms of repairs, maintenance and preparatory work, the company's hugely experienced staff ensures that there are no unnecessary delays for customers as all work is carried out directly on the premises.

A large number of our vehicles have already been prepared and inspected and are ready for same-day delivery if required.

Our customers around the world, and particularly those in other European countries, greatly appreciate this aspect of our service as it helps them to avoid unnecessary waiting times. As experts in the import and export of all kinds of vehicles, our staff are in a position to take care of all formal arrangements to ensure hassle-free dispatch and a speedy import process for our customers.

Our sales team is on hand to provide help and advice with any queries related to your transportation requirements.

If it does prove impossible to find the vehicle you require from our group's pool of more than 2,000 units, we can guarantee an alternative solution by converting another vehicle to meet your precise requirements. Conversions and structural modifications can be carried out without any major problems.